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Happy Happy

Happy Happy™
Premium Mood Booster

Happy Happy Is The One And Only All Natural Mood Booster That Blocks Stress And Anxiety PLUS Helps You Feel More Upbeat And Positive...

Experience results just like these people:

“I have ordered The Happy–Happy Pill one time before & I found it gave me unbelievable energy & a positive attitude under very stressful conditions. Thank you for your product it does work as advertised.”
Julie Leigh, Hanford, CA

"Happy Happy has lifted me above depression when I take it. When I stop I often wonder what is wrong with me. Then I take it and feel better again. All of your remedies have remarkable effectiveness."
Annette Wykes, Willaura, Victoria, AU

“This product gave me more energy and a clearer mind.”
Vanessa Stembridge, Union City, GA

“Happy Happy are just fantastic. I've never had so much vital energy.”
S.G. Russell, Redhill, Surrey, UK

"I was skeptical and tried Happy Happy anyways, it's effective and that's why I'm ordering again."
Thomas Digirolamo, Bellerose, NY

"I've been taking this for about ten days and now I feel much more positive and very much less 'down in the dumps'. I have found a solution to my feelings of pointlessness. Regards Diane"
Diane Dean, Colyton, Devon, UK

"I've used Happy Happy before and I must say it's a very good product."
Daniel Isenhath, Sylvania, OH

"Happy Happy is wonderful. I would hate to be without it. It makes such a difference to my days - sunshine instead of rain! I find I am able to cope much better with life in general. I have tried quite a number of your products and have found them all to be very good. Thank you!"
Bev Edwards, Anna Bay, New South Wales, AU

"It takes the edge off my symptoms and it keeps me from feeling sad and anxious."
Debra Bright, Salinas, CA

"My son-in-law now has his stress problems under control thanks to happy happy. These products are making very many people's lives better. Very many thanks."
Maggi Parr, Manchester, UK

"I bought this for my wife Hilda and she loves it. This stuff really works."
Noel M. Casa Grande, AZ

"I just wish I knew about Happy Happy before. My doctor noticed a huge transformation ever since I started taking your product. He has decided to cut back on my prescribed meds and see how I do. Since taking your product my anxiety has greatly decreased. I just feel like I have my life back. I can't thank you enough."

"Happy Happy has been a good leveler for my mood problems. It has been excellent in supporting a good level emotional state and also promoting calm right through the body. Well done on such a nice product!!"
John Booker, Mountain Creek, Queensland, Australia

"I am SO Much more patient with my children now. THANK YOU HAPPY HAPPY!!"
Rhonda Helvey, Akron, IN

"Releases the tension quite a bit! I am very happy with happy happy :) If you use this testimonial please don't use my last name."
Gilbert H., New Cumberland, PA

"Feel spring to my step now, am more alert and focused, and have more energy."
Paul O'Malley, Westchester, IL

"I have used it before but went off it for a year, BIG MISTAKE! I'm ordering more now because it really helped with depression and anxiety. Just like last time I took it I expect to rid myself totally of the depression symptoms and do it naturally. Thanks so much."
Randy Green, Broken Arrow, OK

"It works wonderfully for me."
Judy Dreyer, Oelwein, IA

"Happy Happy is a great product. Works great and I love it."
Rhonda Martin, Mont Belvieu, TX

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"Happy HAPPY Pills"!

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Amazing Arthritis Relief
Amazing Arthritis Relief® Premium Pain Remedy

Amazing Arthritis Relief® Premium Natural Pain Remedy

"It Is Just As The Name Says, Amazing Arthritis Relief."
Constance Richards, De Land, FL

"This product is unbelievable. Took my shoulder pain away in less than 2 hours. I am now able to sleep all night without pain. Thank you!"
Bruce Gagnon, Port Angeles, WA

"I ordered this product for my mother who has severe osteoporsis - it was a last resort for the terrible pain she was in. I just thought we would give it a try, not expecting results but it is truly AMAZING. She has now stopped taking painkiller drugs. Thank you so much - she cant wait for this new delivery."
Sharon Coombes, Wales, United Kingdom

"This is a very effective product. It works better than any prescription arthritis medicine I have tried ever!"
Ricky Walbrown, Maryville, TN

"I am able to walk with less pain."
Gary Heimbach, Perkasie, PA

"I have been using amazing arthritis relief for 5 days and I can tell you this is the best I have felt in a very long time. It took approximately 3 + days and I began to notice a big improvement. Thank you and long may my pain relief continue."
Barbara Atherton, Wirral, United Kingdom

"This is my 2nd order. I experienced immediate relief from head to toe with no pain in my knees.I have shared my amazing results I have received from your product with many people in my family and community who also want a change in relief for their pain. Thank you for the work you have done to create a safe and effective product with no side effects. I will continue to spread the word."
Ann Parsells, Hot Springs, SD

"Your arthritis relief is helping me and my doctor approved it's use."
Beulah Johnson, Marysville, CA

"Yes!!! Your product is wonderful! I have no more pain since using your product. It is the greatest product. Thank you for the relief!"
Marian Lajoie, Alberta, Canada

"I haven't finished my bottle yet but I am getting major relief. Thanks!!"
Larry Tufford, Cedar Park, TX

"I am able to walk with less pain."
Gary Heimbach, Perkasie, PA

“My wife who has Fibromyalga has started to use the product. She is experiencing great relief.”
Reginald Unmack, Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia

“I have arthritis in my knee and when it acts up i take 2 capsules of the arthritis remedy and the pain goes away. I've tried alot of products, but nothing works this good. Totally amazed how well it works!!”
Stefanie Maimone, Lawrenceville, GA

“I used to suffer from arthritis pain in my foot and pain on the inside of my knees. No more. I can even sit on the sofa with my knees under me – something I haven't been able to do in years. Arthritis Relief did the trick.”
Chicca D'Agostino, Hackensack, NJ

“After taking your Amazing Arthritis Relief pills I felt a tremendous relief from my knee pain, allowing me to walk much better.”
Robert Schultz, Breaux Bridge, LA

Sharon Behrens, Las Vegas, NV

“It really takes away the pain.”
Jackie Boucher, North Hollywood, CA

“The relief has been tremendous. This order is for a friend who I gave a bottle to and his arthritis pain has been cut in half. His arthritis is very painful, especially in his hands which are very crippled with arthritis and these pills have helped him greatly.”
James Webb, Conover, NC

“99% of the time I am pain free. I can't believe the relief that Amazing Arthritis Relief has given me. I don't know how I would be without it. I tell people about it all the time. Thank you for having such a wonderful product.”
Patricia Ulam, Carnegie, PA

“I have been using amazing arthritis for my knee and am totally amazed that i forget I even have arthritis in my knee.”
Stefanie Maimone, Lawrenceville, GA

“I have had a great deal of relief especially for my feet.”
Nancy Anderson, Lowell, MI

“No more pain..... yea!”
Richard Taitano, Hagatna, Guam

“This is a very good product.”
Joe Carey, Dundalk, Ireland

“I have only used the product for 1 month and the pain in my hip and joints have subsided. Its been a godsend!!! thank you, amazing arthritis relief!!!”
June Adair, Midlothian, TX

“I got it for my mom and it stopped the pain. Thank you”
Iuliana Balan, Loganville, GA

“This is just to thank you for your amazing arthritis is indeed amazing. My Dad was bedridden for years now and hardly he can walk. Am glad to say that he has shown incredible improvement with amazing arthritis. Thank you so much for an amazing product.”
Ahmed Niyaz, Male, Maldives

Howard, Newburgh, IN

“I have been taking Amazing Arthritis Relief tablets for a month now. In fact I started taking them when I began my holiday in Italy and I am happy to say all through the tour my arthritis did not flare up nor did it give me any pain. When travelling home in the airplane, I was even able to bend my knees up onto the next vacant seat so that the ankles did not become as swollen which usually happens in past trips. Thank you so much for creating such a good product. I will spread the good word with pleasure.”
Jessie Lo, Blakehurst, NSW, Australia

“My arthritis in my hands is virtually gone. I have severe arthritis in my shoulders, hips, hands and stenosis in my back. What a difference!”
Mary E Barberia, Mooresville, NC

“I have fibromyalgia and am now able to continue doing the things I love, including renovating which is hard labor. Thanks so much!”
Joanne L. Webber, Kamloops, BC

“My wife had finger pains that have completely gone away since using the Arthritis Relief.”
Gordon Swan, Honolulu, HI

“I have never found a product that has worked this well.”
Barbara K. Coulson, Kasson, MN

“I have been suffering from acute arthritis which was a side effect from having chemotherapy. I have tried everything to get rid of the pain and stiffness, and was pretty skeptical with your product as I haven't ordered things online like that before(just from reading). Now with your remedy the pain has finally gone and I am hoping the stiffness will go too, soon. It is so good to know that it is not only helping the pain, but also is preventing me from getting the cancer back (with things like Tumeric in it). Thank you. I am recommending it to all my friends.”
Teresa Thonett, Farnham, UK

“I have been using this product for 4 months, using minimum dose of 2 tablets a day. It has made a very big difference in significanly reducing pain.”
Georgina Hitchen, Henley–on–Thames, UK

“I have just been using the Amazing Arthritis Relief for 3 weeks and have stopped having constant pain in my right thumb joint. Thank you.”
Nancy Collins, Oak Harbor, WA

“Thanks so much for offering this product! Amazing Arthritis Relief provides pain relief from my rapidly progressing Lupus symptoms and allows me much greater mobility. Thanks again.”
Tammie Nelson, Boise, ID

”I am blown away by the response my body has had. In less than a half bottle, three quarters of my pain has subsided. Thanks.”
JT Hastings, Orlando, FL

“My arthritis is definitely better. I have less pain and I only take two tablets a day.”
Louise Aragona, Franklin Square, NY

“Your product is amazing!”
Donald Wright, Andrews, NC

“I've been taking it for just a few weeks and I notice a difference not only in my joints, but my allergies are better (hay fever) and my energy level is up! THANKS!”
Kimberly Sheely, Newcastle, WA

“I ordered for my husband. He suffers badly with arthritis in both hands. As a painter and decorator it is stopping him from work. He has tried different medications over the year and yours appears to be one that helped him most. I see the difference in him everyday and it's like someone suddenly turned the light on in him. Thank you!!”
Margaret Tomlinson, London UK

“I am amazed at how much better my knees are.”
Sandra Davis, United Kingdom

“This product has helped me very much.It relieves the pain in a very short time. Thank you, Jean.”
Jean Groundwell, Apple Valley CA

“I ordered this for my mother (aged 84) who was in a lot of pain from her knee, although she is not pain free she has noticed a huge reduction in pain. We had tried a number of other things, her GP said the only alternative was co–codamol which did nothing to relieve her pain. So thank you very much!”
P Jacques, United Kingdom

“I've been using it for a month now and am almost pain free.”
Allen R Klokow, Westmont IL

“It has helped me maintain a normal life style without pain.”
Barbara Hewett, Bossier City LA

“I can really notice the difference. I just can not believe how much of a difference it makes. I do not take any other arthritis medicine. I am a believer of this product and recommend it.”
Vicki Hartlaub, Littlestown PA

“Two nights ago I started taking the pills before bedtime – and they banished the pain I have been getting in the night. Wonderful!”
Philip Waine, United Kingdom

“I ordered for my father who was using a walking stick to get around and unable to work driving coaches. He has commenced deep tissue massage therapy and using your Arthritis Relief has provided him increased mobility and no longer uses the walking stick and was able to assist driving athletes and volunteers for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. I am reordering at my father's request.”
Cindy Dodemaide, Australia

“Amazing Arthritis Relief has been a God send to me in taking care of my pain.”
John W. Smith, Honolulu HI

”It's plain and simple! This stuff really works!!!”
Robert Pauline, Chicago IL

“The results are gratifying.Thank you.”
Howard Iverson, New Port Richey FL

“Amazing arthritis has reduced the pain significantly. Thank you for creating a product that is completely safe.”
Shirley Fleet, Blacksburg VA

“I am very satisfied with this product! The pain has lessened considerably. Keep up the good work!”

“I had immense pain in my left hand, in my left foot making it hard walking, plus both of my knees. I am now pain free and I cannot believe the relief. This has to be the greatest item on the market. I am afraid that if I quit taking it I will return to living with pain the rest of my life. It truly is amazing. Thank you, Pat Ulam”
Patricia Ulam, Carnegie PA * SPOTLIGHT TESTIMONIAL * (new feature on website)

“This product improved the joint pain that I had been experiencing, both in the sacro–iliac area and in the middle finger of my hand.”
Jim Webb, Canada

“This product has mad a difference.”
Erika Duarte, Victorville, CA

“Your product has helped reduce the swelling in
my fingers.”
Gordon Clements, Ontario CA

“Great relief from pain which enables me to do more and enjoy life.”
Georgina Hitchen

“Now I can play tennis without pain.”
Charles W. Scott

“Today was the first time I have tried the Amazing Arthritis Relief. The pain was deminished almost right away, not totally gone but very livable. I have not had to resort to any pain medications at all today. This from only one day ... I can't wait to see what happens after a week of using your product.”
Karen Redel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I started using your arthritis formula the first of the year and have been able to quit the methyltrexate I was on.”
Phillip Fuller, Madisonville, KY

“I have used Arthritis Relief and felt better in a few days. The pain in my knee has completely disappeared. Thank you so much!”
Olive M. Sheckells, Pasadena, CA

"I have been using amazing arthritis relief for 5 days and I can tell you this is the best I have felt in a very long time. It took approximately 3 + days and I began to notice a big improvement. Thank you and long may my pain relief continue."
Barbara Atherton, Wirral, United Kingdom

"It is just as the name says, Amazing Arthritis Relief."
Constance Richards, De Land, FL

"It has helped me even better than OTC medicines I was taking."
Vivian Slack, Chicago, IL

"I'm a grandmother in her 70s. That's all you need to know about my age. I am really impressed with the Amazing Arthritis Relief. Although I still feel some pain in my hips, on most days I feel so much better than before. It is amazing how this works. I can't believe it's not in stores. My doctor is even impressed. Thank you!"
-Rose Williams, Circleville, OH

"Hi, I'm only 41. For years, I've suffered with fibromyalgia. I usually sit in the hot tub twice a day just to help me tolerate pain and stiffness in my muscles and joints. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference Amazing Arthritis Relief has made for me in my life. My fibromyalgia was a big nuisance in my life. Don't misunderstand me. Fibromyalgia is still with me but this formula has made it much more tolerable for me. Thanks for making it available. You have really saved my life. I don't know what else to say but thank you!!!!"
-Maria Zaucha, Trenton, NJ

"Yes!!! Your product is wonderful! I have no more pain since using your product. It is the greatest product. Thank you for the relief!"
Marian Lajoie, Alberta, Canada

"The product is helping my rheumatoid arthritis - my joints don't flare up anymore."
Mrs Hatherall, South Wales, United Kingdom

"Your product is amazing - no side effects at all and truly works amazingly well. I ran out before I could order again and can see and feel the difference. My fingers are no longer swollen and are now able to close all the way. Thank you for making life better!"
Andrew Palko, Milford, PA

"This is the second time I am ordering the Amazing Arthritis Relief for my mother. She was on medication for osteoporosis and reumatoid arthritis which unfortunatly affected her eyes so she stopped taking them. Thank god I found your site on the internet and ordered your product. She tried it and is so much better now. I am thanking you on m mother's behalf."
Eve Socratous, Nicosia, Cyprus

"Your arthriits relief is helping me and my doctor approved it's use that is why I am reordering."
Beulah Johnson, Marysville, CA

"I have used amazing arthritis relief. I can't believe how much this product has helped me. I have tried other products, but this is the only one that has truly helped with pain relief. Thank you!!!"
Jeannie DeWindt, Alberta, Canada

"The product is helping my rheumatoid arthritis - my joints don't flare up anymore."
Mrs Hatherall, South Wales, United Kingdom

"The Arthritis Relief is the only thing that has worked for my knee pain!! The Doctors couldn't help it!! Your products really work!! I love that they are natural!!!"
Sandra Coleman, Chesapeake, VT

"It's the best product i have ever tried and has restored my faith and trust in internet marketing there are some honest companies out there you just have to take a chance and im glad i did. Thank you soo much for your wonderful products. Veronica"
Veronica Lee, Fort Myers, FL

"Amazing Arthritis Relief is terrific!!!!!"
Gail Hintz, Indianapolis, IN

I Want Amazing Arthritis Relief®

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Back Relief Elite
Back Relief Elite®
Premium Back Remedy

Back Relief Elite® Premium Back Remedy

Back Relief Elite Will Get Rid Of Your Back Pain And Inflammation...

“I have ordered before and I just received a call from a friend that I have introduced to this product. She was in bad shape and is now pain free on four tablets a day. I am really excited for her.”
Martha Larson, Safford, AZ

“Because of back relief elite I am no longer taking prescription meds.”
Michael Thompson, Voorhees, NJ

"I recommend it to everyone I come in contact with who suffers from pain.”
Gregory Smith, Medical Lake, WA

“I have ordered before, and I love the product!”
Kathleen King, Agawam, MA

"I'm a retired construction worker. Been retired now for about 10 years. My arthritis is real bad in my back and shoulders. I guess the years of hauling buckets of cement caught up to me. Before I used your great product I didn't know just how bad I had it. I'm able to do more work now around my house now too. Thanks."
Bernie Shaw, Naples, FL

"I've tried the product and I must say I'm quite impressed. Other products just don't stack up to your back relief elite. Thank you for giving me hope and a pain-free life again."
Jackie Berotti, San Diego, CA

“I was up one night not able to sleep the pain was so bad in my lower back. All the drugs the doctors had given me over the years no longer worked. I was desperate. I'm very skeptical. But I was willing to try anything (your money back guarantee helped). After almost 25 years of chronic back pain as long as I remember to take My Back Relief Elite Pills I am 100% pain free. Truly a lifesaver.”
Jed Horrocks, Milpitas, CA

“I just received a call from a friend that I have introduced to your product. She was in bad shape and is now pain free. I am really excited for her. Thank you so much for your great product.”
Martha Larson, Safford, AZ

“I have done alot of heavy lifting (furniture) and some yard work and I haven't had any back pain thanks to back relief. Normally, if I had done this I would have been laid up for several days and would have been on pain pills. Amazing!”
Michele Leikensohn, Bradenton, FL

“I have used Back Relief and it really works!”
Janet Carter, Stanton, AL

“I started using your product over a year ago and it really has helped me. I was in an automobile accident and was in so much pain, day and night, that my whole life seemed to change. It was amazing to me how fast your product started to help me. Now I can go longer and longer periods of time with no medicine at all.”
Freda Warlick, LaGrange, GA

“My wife's neck has given her many problems, that pain radiating down her arm and back. Now after we got your back relief elite, her muscles are relaxed greatly so there is very much improvement and she can sleep better at night. She takes 4 tabs a day for the last 6 weeks and even her massage therapist and chiropractor noticed the difference. So we praise GOD!! And thank you for your product.”
Nelson Deshotel, Carlton South, Australia

Penelope Okrepki, Metairie, LA

"Where has it been my whole life is what I want to know? I just wish I knew of this before. Thank you. I can finally work again throughout my entire day without being in total agony. Thank you so much!"
Liz Sochoice, Amesbury, MA

"Yes, it has helped me tremendously. I've been telling everyone about this super product. It really does what it says and I can happily say I'm pain free. Thank you!"
John Chu, Las Vegas, NV

"The relief I feel now is truly a blessing. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and not be stiff with a lot of pain. I cook more now and work out in my yard even. It's incredible!"
Judith S., New South Wales, Australia

“I've used the product before and it really reduces the pain. I love it!”
Tom Vogel, Houston, TX

“I use this every day and have ever since you introduced it! I was almost unable to walk at times it was so bad. The pain was horrible! With your pills, it's like I never had any thing wrong at all! I'm like a new woman! I recomend your 'miracle pills' to everyone I know that has spinal stenosis pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”
Pat Pender, Jacksboro, TX

“I have been virtually pain free since about 2 weeks after I started taking it! Works better than the steroid epidurals that I was getting before!”
J. Saros, Minneapolis, MN

“I feel much improved. Thank You!”
Dixie Kurihara, Milihani, HI

“I use and love it – it is excellent!”
Barbara J. Makos, Argyle, WI

“I’m always very sceptical, but hooray my spinal stenosis pain is gone and now I can do gardening again. Amazing............I am putting a bottle on my GP's table asking him to recommend that all his patients with similar debilitating conditions refer to your website. Thank you again!”
Theresa Jablonski, Windsor, NSW, Australia

“I have ordered this product for my mother and she swears that it has helped her more than anything else she has ever tried so I am ordering more!”
Germaine M. Spera, Pueblo, CO

“Yes it has relieved the pain I had been experiencing. Thanks!!”
Ronald Civita, Ft. Pierce, Fl

“I bought the tablets and was painfree after just three days, suffered for 9 weeks prior to taking it. Regards Bill Bryce”
Bill Bryce, Falkirk, UK

“I have ordered twice before and loved it. Then I gave a bottle to my daughter who has worst back problem then me and it has help tremendously too. I feel it has saved me and her. Thanks, Connie”
Connie Zurawski, Saint Charles, MO

“I use and love it – it is excellent!”
Barbara J. Makos, Argyle, WI

“I’m always very sceptical, but hooray my spinal stenosis pain is gone and now I can do gardening again. Amazing............I am putting a bottle on my GP's table asking him to recommend that all his patients with similar debilitating conditions refer to your website. Thank you again!”
Theresa Jablonski, Windsor, NSW, Australia

“This is my second order and I am very pleased with this product.”
Bonnie Fletcher, Morehead City, NC

“I have ordered this product for my mother and she swears that it has helped her more than anything else she has ever tried so I am ordering more!”
Germaine M. Spera, Pueblo, CO

“Just a quick note to tell you my husbands pain has been relieved considerably. Thank you Jeff.”
Inga Binyon, Gualala CA

“I feel much better. Thank you.”
V. Dean Gill, Blossom TX

“It truly does work. They make a big difference.”
Elizabeth Anne Gilchrist, UK

“Getting out of bed in the morning is 90% easier. Normally it would take 30min to an hour before I felt mobile. Now it only takes a minute or so. Thanks for this relief! It’s wonderful”
Paula Pierce, Marrero, LA

“I have been taking it for a month now and it has greatly reduced my pain. I am now much more mobile and able to do things that I would not have attempted a month ago. Thanks”
Allan Wehl, Highfields, Queensland, Australia

“The Back Relief Elite is great. Works like you said. Thanks so much”
Brenda A. Linnell, Easthampton, MA

“I currently take back relief elite daily. Your product has allowed me to play golf etc. where this was not possible before.”
James McConnell, Mobile, AL

“I have given your amazing back product to a few friends and they could not believe it. It works when you don’t realize then the pain is gone. Amazing!”
KaeCee Nicholson, Snohomish, WA

“I am now pain free and able to care for myself. Praise God and Back Relief Elite!”
Jayne Mote, Caro, MI

“Back Relief Elite has been a great deal of help. I was very skeptical when I first ordered but now I am very happy to reordering. Thank you!”
Dirk Vogel, Vacaville, CA

“My wife and I have gotten great results with your back pain relief elite.”
David Leavitt, Tully, NY

“I am pain free now. Thank you because now I will not need surgery.”
Marvin Floyd, Tualatin, OR

“I have noticed a huge reduction in my back pain as well as relief from stiffness in my knee when I wake in the morning.”
Yolanda Pancamo, Tampa, FL

“Fantastic! I'm sold and very grateful for this product. It has done miracles for me!”
David Lubbers, Farmington, MO

“Back Relief Elite is the BEST!”
Victoria Bartlett, Rochester, IN

YES! I Want My Back Pain GONE Too

"I am writing to tell you how your product has not only relieved my pain, but I am able to perform duties I was not capable of a month ago due to a rupture dics in my lower back. I have had sciatic nerve promblems for about five month due to an injury. So I'm just letting you know that I am a very satisfied customer, and to thank you for having this product available to the public. I could never get it from my doctor that's for sure. Thank you again. Sincerely yours, Donald from NY"
Donald Slater, Jordan, NY

"No more sciatic pain as long as I use the product. I was recently hospitalized and could not use this is the hospital. The doctor wanted to know what it was and when I returned for a followup visit I printed out the product information and showed it to him. He surprised me when he said it was good and saw no reason why I couldn't take it."
Kathleen Schmidt, Park City, KS

“Just want to say your back relief elite is awesome!! I haven’t finished my full bottle yet, but my pain is near gone.”
Larry Tufford, Round Rock, TX

“I ordered back relief elite for my sciatica and around the 14th day it cleared up and I am now pain free! I’m a big skeptical about the internet products however you’ve made a huge believer out of me. Thanks and you really have a great product.”
Jeffery Scott Beauchamp, Charlotte, NC

Click Here To End Your Back Pain With Back Relief Elite®

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Ultimate Bursitis Relief

Ultimate Bursitis Relief™
Premium Bursitis Remedy

"I use Ultimate Bursitis Relief because it truly helps me."
Jodie Cripps, Greenacres, WA

"I walked using a cane with constant pain. Then I took 4 tablets a day and am pain free."
Max Mitchell, Homer, AK

I Want To Be Pain-Free Just Like Max

"Great results with Ultimate Bursitis Relief after 2 weeks. Fantastic product."
Norman Trembath, Victoria Australia

"I ordered Ultimate Bursitis Relief and it helped me a lot."
Judy Epstein, Axminster, Devon UK

"I can now sleep all night without being awakened with my hip hurting."
Annette Mangold, Largo, FL

"I have used the Bursitis herbal remedy, by the time I started the second bottle, my bursitis hip pain was gone I had it for about 3 years.What a relief. Praise the Lord for your company."
Judith Wagner-Nero, Ormond Beach, FL

"I ended up in the hospital with my hip bursitis, and suffered with pain killers until I tried this product. It has been a little over a week and I see a great difference, and much relief, which is why I am ordering again."
Mary Lynn Moorehead, Lilliwaup, WA

"It really works - I am pain free, without any other medication."
Joe Burkhardt, Penryn, CA

"I have been using Ultimate Bursitis Relief for a couple of weeks now and it is amazing to be out of such severe pain. I have recommended your product to several friends. Thank you for this amazing remedy."
Shirley Astin, Taylorsville, UT

"Ultimate Bursitis Relief has started to relieve the constant pain I was suffering. I am able to walk pain free for the first time in over 2 years. I was skeptical at first and thought this couldn't possibly work as well as claimed, but on the off chance that it might, I tried it and am absolutely amazed. Every thing you said is true! I can't thank you enough. MJ Gergen"
MaryJane Gergen, Saint Paul, MN

"I've been pain free ever since I began using it. Thank you for it."
Vickie Leonard, Longmont, CA

"Two days after I started taking the Ultimate Bursitis Relief tablets, my hip pain was mostly gone and now it is all gone. This product is great! Without it it is hard for me to walk."
Marie Lowry, Victoria, TX

"Ultimate Bursitis Relief is the only remedy that I have found that has helped with the intense pain. It took the excruciating pain away in just a few days. I have started to golf again! Thank you!"
Mary Mosey, Sun City West, AZ

"I have used the Ultimate Bursitis Relief For pain and inflammation on the back of my heel which flares up if I do a lot of walking on hard surfaces etc. It is the only thing that I've found to knock down the inflammation."
Donald Shepard, Redwood City, CA

"I have been taking ultimate bursitis relief remedy for a month now for the first time in 12 months I can lift my left arm above my shoulder without any pain and sleeping on my left shoulder has improved greatly thank you for this great product."
Neville Allamby, Victoria, Australia

"Pain has pretty much subsided. Inflammation is gone. Can actually walk with out pain and can now bend my knees with hurting. Going up and down stairs is no longer painful. Thanks you."
Linda Taitano, Barrigada, GU

"I have been amazed at how much Bursitis Relief has helped my shoulder. I do not want to be without this formula."
Janie Cotton, Odessa, TX

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Ultimate Knee Relief

Ultimate Knee Relief™
Premium Knee Pain Remedy

"No more knee pain after 2 years of suffering!"
Arthur Stewart, Panama City, FL

"I play Tennis and amazing at 72 I can play pain free. Thanks you guys."
Robert McNally, San Antonio, TX

"I have torn cartileges in my left knee and this product has helped with the pain - and in only 2 days. I was amazed as I have tried many other products." 
Joan Spilotro, Arlington Heights, IL

"Since taking this product I have noticed the improvements to my mobility too. I am able to work comfortable now without any knee pain!"
Vincent Filippone, Canterbury, Kent UK

"I am writing to tell you that your Ultimate Knee Relief has helped me tremendously. Your stuff is the only thing that helped me. It is truly amazing. Thank you!"
Linda Pecura, North Lima, OH

"I am a Personal Trainer based in Cheltenham Uk. I have had 7 knee operations but until I discovered Ultimate Knee Relief I use to be stiff and full of pain after a days work. Now after taken the product within 2-3 hours no pain. I recommend you all try it, it really does work." 
Carl Dean, Monmouth, Gwent, United Kingdom

“Ultimate knee relief has reduced the amount of pain quite a bit.” 
Ken Klier, Boynton Beach, FL

"I found your website while researching knee replacement surgery. I decided to try your product and I am amazed. After four days my horrible knee and leg pain became no pain. I have been taking this product for about 2 months now. The slipping and grinding of my knee has almost stopped completely. I have recommended your product to several family members. Thank you, maybe now I can avoid this surgery that I was sure I would have to have this summer."
Patricia Conway, Thorsby, AL

"This is my 3rd order. I'm training for ironman and I'm finding my knees feel fresher and stronger and recover from sessions quicker not to mention I'm working out pain-free. Thanks a lot and I already am recommending it to everyone I know who have knee pain."
Tim Corbett, Auckland, New Zealand

"I am very happy with ultimate knee relief. My pain is gone!"
Keith Hines, Coppell, TX

"I can't believe how much better my knee felt after the first week!"
Ellie Pacheco, Modesto, CA

“It really does provide "ultimate knee relief."
George Puccio, Minneapolis, MN

“After the Ultimate Knee Relief I noticed a dramatic improvement. I was able to go back to work, stand, and walk. It really helped me! Also my Mom has been having knee pains so I shared it with her and she's now feeling alot better as well!”
Dyan Casey, Cheshire, CT

"I have used Ultimate Knee Relief with great results. I could not walk more than the distance from my house to the car without sharp knee pain. While I am only 73, I walked and moved like a ninety year old man. I was forced to shop in a wheel chair for several weeks. I got 4 bottles of Ultimate Knee Relief. After two months of taking this product I now am able to work at what ever I choose and do not suffer from chronic knee pain any more. I have been taking two pills twice a day. It is the greatest product!"
Bill Whalley, Ontario, CA

"I ran The Richmond Marathon and had no knee discomfort. Thanks for your ultimate knee relief."
Rhonda Carter, Richmond, VA

"Ultimate Knee Relief has been a great help - I can walk comfortably again, and bend my knees! After having knee problems since my adolescence which have got worse over the years, this is amazing."
Linda Ashcroft, Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK

"I have already purchased 2 shipments of this product and pleased to inform you that it has done me a lot of good. Therefore I have ordered another shipment as shown above."
Bernadette Fonseca, Bellevue, WA

"Because of Ultimate knee relief I am able to play racquetball four times a week and I am 54 years old."
Eli Dukes, Henderson, NV

All natural Ultimate Knee Relief helps calm and relax your body and maintains and supports muscles, bones and joints.

"This is a miracle for me. It also helped my elbows and shoulders. I am going to recommend it on my website and to all my friends. Thanks. Sincerely, Bill Pierre."
Bill St. Pierre, Tempe, AZ

"I love your product!"
Candice Keller, San Francisco, CA

"I am impressed with how well it works and I like the fact that it is all natural. Thank you for making this."
Sarah Cunningham, Terry, MS

"After trying your product I can see why you call it amazing, because that is exactly what it is. Looking forward to my next order."
Robert Taylor, Mountville, SC

“I just wanted to let you know that after two weeks of taking ultimate knee relief, twice daily I am not only experiencing less pain but have also been able to do some pretty tough run/ cycle training too - which would have hurt like hell before!! This is after doctors told me they could do nothing for me!! They wouldn't even operate due to the little chance of success and the so called 'anti inflammatory tablets' I was prescribed were useless. I am a real convert to your natural products with no side effects and the more Eastern philosophy of treating the cause of pain rather than the symptoms - I am now looking forward to many more miles of pain free running and cycling!! My best wishes and thanks a lot.”
Karl Robottom, Sussex, United Kingdom

"This is my second order of Ultimate Knee Relief. I am astonished at how well this worked for me. I am on a (long) waiting list for knee surgery but now I don't think I'm going to need it. It’s brilliant!"
Linda Haggar, Kinglake, Victoria, Australia

"Your product was wonderful. It helped me with my tendons of both feet plus my left thumb also has tendonitis. Thanks for informing me about the buy 2 plus 2 free.~~Chris" 
Christine Morosco, Yorkville, NY

“Treating the knee with your ultimate knee remedy really helped me. Now I am pain-free.”
Silvija Lagzdina, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

“I'm training for Ironman so my knees take a beating. Knee Relief gave me an immediate improvement – They now feel like me knees did, 10 years ago. I used to use NSAIDS to control the pain in my knees. Now I don't have to. Love it when something!”
Tim Corbett, Auckland, New Zealand

“I was very skeptical at first, but this product is amazing! It completely eliminated my severe, chronic knee pain without any side effects!”
Melinda Beaumont, Denver CO

“It has eliminated my knee pain. I can't believe it. . It has helped tremendously!”
Gay Gilliland, Mukwonago WI

”It has reduced the swelling in my knee and I feel much better.”
Johnnie Martin, Columbus, GA

“Let me just say that this product has helped me to finally get a good nights sleep without pain. I can now sleep on my sides and my hips and knees feel better than they have for years. Thank you so much.”
Marie T. Richardson, Hughesville, MD

"I have ordered for my boyfriend once before and it works wonders for him. He says his pain is gone. Now he is running out and needs more so I'm ordering again today. Thank you!"
Tammy O'Rourke, Fresno, CA

"It has made walking much easier and some days I can even stride out like I used to."
Inez Hagemann, Kaneohe, HI

"After taking the product for 2 weeks I have cancelled surgery. This is fantastic!"
Robert Mcgee, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

“I have taken 1 months supply and found it to ease my pain. I have also some pain free days which I never had before. Can walk for longer also.”
Mrs Kathryn McGowan, United Kingdom

“I have ordered and it has really helped.”
Dawn Bloom, Newton, MA

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Great Night Sleep 5™
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"I am so glad I discovered your website. Thank You so much for a great product. God bless!"
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"This product is terrific! before using Great Night Sleep I used to wake up several times during the night and be unable to fall back to sleep - sometimes I was a wake for as long as 2 hours. Now I sleep the entire night through and feel great in the morning."
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"To praise your 'sleep-products' is a pleasure. So good to know after a pressure day and the fact that I take some of the problems to bed, that I'll get sufficient hours needed to contend with the next day and whatever it brings. All our metabolisms are different and its necessary to try different methods to survive in this high-pressure world we live in. Good luck and thanks....Bill O'Leary"
Bill O'Leary, Ireland

"Hi my name is Gary Johnson. I wanted to let you know that Great Night Sleep has to my honest disbelief helped me. I still don't get the magic 8 hours of sleep, but I do get at least 6 hours and feel so much better now. Also, I was in jeopardy of losing my job because of poor attendance, just couldn't make it on 2 or three restless hours of sleep day after day. No more ! I intend to be a loyal customer for as long as I need to take your great product. I hope to one day just go to sleep like a "normal" person. Thanks very much"
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Dorothy Schroder, Palm Springs, FL

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Bill Rutley, Tullahoma, TN

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Mary Anne Scandura, Bakersfield, CA

"I ordered a bottle of Great Night Sleep and I was amazed. I took 2 tablets the 1st night, and woke up the next morning feeling GREAT! I am amazed at the progress in this short time. Great Night Sleep really is a great product. Thanx."
Bill Coleman, Kansas City, MO

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Carolyn Bigley, Carson City, NV

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Joyce Dennehy, Lake Barrington, IL

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Cynthia Geisel, Ajax, Ontario, Canada

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Ann West, Perth, Western Australia

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Craig Power, Perth, Australia

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Yvonne K., Fort Myers Beach, FL

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Phillip S., Binghamton, NY

"Hi, my name is James DuPont Jr from Batavia NY. I was reluctant to order the "Great night Sleep" over the internet.............but I'm glad I did. I sleep well at least 80 percent of the time as oppesed to 10 percent before. Even on a restless night I will still get to sleep and function the next day. You feel much better about yourself when you look better and have the alertness and mood of a good night sleep. thank you so had better never stop making these.............I will want to buy a truck load!! Sincerely James DuPont Jr "
James DuPont Jr., Batavia, NY


Happy HappyGreat Night Sleep 5

"I have suffered from sleep for years now and have tried every remedy there was available in the book and your product worked the best by far. I have tried Ambien and Sonata and a bunch of other prescriptions which have not worked so well for me but GNS has worked the best by far and I cannot wait to recieve my new order as I really and truly do not get a GNS without it!! Thanks for everything."
Frederick Wiese, Keene, NH

"I have tried prescribed sleeping pills, they will put me to sleep but, I always felt groggy in the morning. I ordered a bottle of Great Night Sleep and I was amazed. I took 2 tablets the 1st night, and woke up the next morning feeling GREAT! I am amazed at the progress in this short time. Great Night Sleep really is a great product. Thanx."
Bill Coleman, Kansas City, MO

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Tim Lewis, West Liberty, IA

"After using Ambien for years, I didn't think I would ever sleep without it. I did not fall asleep without it and always felt tired and groggy when I woke up. I have sleep apnea and restless sleep disorder. I decided to give Great Night Sleep a try and I am very glad I did. I fall asleep easy, sleep all night, and wake up refreshed. Thank you!!"
Ted Nicolai, Tyler, TX

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Lester Syberg, Arnold, MO

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Steve McNiel, Cathage, TX

"Your remedies all have worked great."
Nevada Boyenger, Nampa, ID

"Both I and my husband use Great Night Sleep, and we are very, very happy with it. I have break-through insomnia, and now if I get up in the middle of the night, I can fall back to sleep. We feel great the next day!"
Dee Saxhaug, Sioux Falls, SD

==> Dee sent us more feedback <==
"My husband says he can always tell when I take Ambien because I'm restless all night, but with Great Night Sleep I sleep soundly."
Dee Saxhaug, Sioux Falls, SD

"Great Sleep helps tremendously as my sleeping was almost non-existent before. Thank you!"
Barbara McDonald, Lanarkshire, UK

"It does provide good quality sleep."
Joyce Fenema, Autichamp, France

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Socorro Hechanova, Dubai, UAE

"Great Night Sleep remedies have so far been the only anti-insomnia aids that has worked for me. They always result in a long, deep, rejuvenating sleep. Also, I can get up for a call of nature in the middle of the night, and still go back to sleep afterward--which is one area in which I had previously been experiencing a lot of trouble. Great Night Sleep remedies are the only sleep products that I have so far come across that really work."
Terry Deeulis, Waterford, MI

"I have insomnia and it helps me fall asleep. Then I sleep well for hours."
Harry McCament, Dallas, TX

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Ruth McGalliard, Hartsville, SC

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John Cobb, Fairview, NC

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Nancy Matus, Sun Lakes, AZ

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Barry Jepson, Harveyville, KS

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Franci Brahm, Peoria, AZ

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Greg Woodcock, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have used the Great Night Sleep remedies and they have been very helpful. Thank you!"
Kevin Guin, Highwood, IL

==> Kevin sent us this other note too a couple of months later <==
"All versions of GNS have been very helpful in extending my sleeping period for at least one-hour. That is highly significant in my opinion. Thank you very much."
Kevin Guin, Highwood, IL

"I have found it to be the best."
Frank Deluca, Pasadena, CA

"Great Night Sleep works great. Thanks for the deals."
Robert Sharp, Columbus, OH

"God bless those who made this wonderful sleep product for those of us who suffer from insomnia; I have primary insomnia--the most serious type. For over 8 years I have had to rely on prescription meds which had to be increased more and more to be effective. Great Night Sleep Premium Sleep Enhancer is truly a blessing to me."
Rose Neveux, Torrance, CA

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Jonathan Rigley, Nottinghamshire, UK

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Wendy Holder, Chubbuck, ID

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Rheal Pelletier, New Brunswick, Canada

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Helen Short, Ashbourne, UK

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Monica Curtis, Berkshire, UK

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Sally Ethridge, Missoula, MT

"Better than anything I have ever tried."
Phyllis Richards, Corrigin, Western Australia, AU

==> Phyllis also sent us this feedback after reordering <==
"I have been using A Great Night's Sleep for some time now and can thoroughly recommend. It truly is GREAT."
Phyllis Richards, Corrigin, Western Australia, AU

"The insomnia relief (great night sleep) works fantastically!"
Gethyn Carr, Kent, UK

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Jill Sliker, Rockaway, NJ

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Gladys Petersen, Ball Ground, GA

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Janine Musrie, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Fiona Passmore, South Lismore, NSW, Australia

"The former is the ONLY remedy that I have tried in the past 7 years of being a chronic insomnic averaging 31/2 hour sleep per night, that has worked! I now feel so refreshed in the morning. I can take it a few hours before bedtime, work on my computer. Then go to bed, and have a deep, long, refreshing sleep."
Terry Deeulis, Waterford, MI

"It is wonderfully calming before bed."
Kelly Soltys, Brookfield, IL

"My wife and Grandson both have used it with great results."
Dave Wallingford, Rock Falls, IL

"Great Nights Sleep provides me with restful sleep I can depend on. I start my relaxation technique, take my great night sleep tablets and it is sweet dreams."
Humberto Ceniceros, El Paso, TX

"They have helped a lot - so much in fact when the bottle finished and I had not ordered more I found that my sleeping problems returned!!"
Tania Peto, Kalgoorlie, WA

"I have been using your product for a few years now....and LOVE it!! Thank you."
Deb Nelson, Lakewood, CO

"This product has helped me sleep better without need of the sleep apnea machine. I wake up fresh every day. Thank you for this product!"
Robin Tea, West Bountiful, UT

==> A few months later Robin also emailed us this note <==
"I have been using Great Night Sleep for almost a year, and I continue to benefit from this product with a good night sleep and waking up fresh in the morning just as the product says it will do."
Robin Tea, West Bountiful, UT

"I am very happy with your products :))"
Lillian Allen, Tracy, CA

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Louise Kinnaman, Fort Morgan, CO

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Don Goodwin, Co. Sligo, Ireland

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Sue Brewster, Auckland, New Zealand

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Robin Taulbee, Magalia, CA

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Maria Dueck, Niverville, Manitoba, Canada

"I have been using Great Night Sleep 4 for approximately 2 weeks. At first, it didn't seem to work, then about the fourth time I used it it kicked in, and has worked beautifully since. I fall asleep fairly quickly (unusual for me) and sleep the whole night through (also unusual for me) I rarely even have to get up to go to the bathroom (again unusual, normally 2-5 times per) and if I do get up, fall right back asleep and awake refreshed. Thank you!"
Ronald Tennant, Lorain, OH

"I have been using this product for about 2 months and have been comparing it to the other products that I have been using and Great Night Sleep proved to be most effective."
Breanda Gignac, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Great products, really works, no grogginess."
Joanna Cumming, Stow On Wold, UK

"I like your deep sleep remedy the best and I wake up refreshed."
Janice Bias, Kansas City, MO

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Claire Krissinger, Statesboro, GA

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Marian Hindley, Lancashire, UK

"I have used Great Night sleep 1,2,3 & 5. I use your Multi Vitamin all the time. I also use Happy Happy. All are EXCELLENT PRODUCT, that I can fully recommend! Many thanks!!!"
Dan Glickman, Lancashire, UK

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Joanne DeLore, Christchurch, New Zealand

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Ernest Fletcher, Meridian, MS

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Susan Majcen, Westchester, IL

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Mary Simpson, Mazarron, Murcia, Spain

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Christ Shelby, Ooltewah, TN

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Judith Dowdal, Frankfort, MI

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William Jensen, Vancouver, WA

"It is an effective sleep aid and works well with no side effects."
Steve Biafore, Colchester, VT

"It helps me STAY asleep...very good product!"
Marie Peters, Painesville, OH

"Works VERY Well!!"
Barry Schwartz, San Jose, Costa Rica

"My husband and I have used Great Night Sleep II for a year now - we wouldn't be without it!"
Jennifer Stiastny, Honolulu, HI

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Susan Whitfield, Bedfordshire, UK

"I've ordered a few of your Great Night Sleep products with wonderful results."
Katrina Oneill, Queenstown, New Zealand

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Sarah Nottingham, Riverton, WV

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Brian Johnson, Tasman, New Zealand

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Laura Cruz-Miles, Fayetteville, NC

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"Great Night Sleep has been very beneficial."
Mitchell Chamanara, Falls Church, VA

"All the Great Night Sleep tablets. I am sleeping far more these days. Thank you."
Alison Roberts, Gloucestershire, UK

"I'm very pleased with the increased sleep and the pleasant feeling that this product provides. I ran out of the product for a few weeks and nothing I found could replace its' relaxing effects. I would recommend this product to anyone, and I have."
Warren Hagy, Austin, TX

"Great satisfaction with all of your great nite sleep products!"
William Holz, Attiki, Greece

"Your products are all very very good. Nice job. Thank you."
Penny Mendelssohn, Kent, UK

Happy HappyHappy HappyHappy Happy
Great Night Sleep®
Premium Sleep Enhancer

Great Night Sleep 5Great Night Sleep 5Great Night Sleep 5
Great Night Sleep 5™
Premium Sleep Enhancer

"Great night sleep remedies have helped me relax which gets me to fall asleep."
Charlene McKee, Longview, WA

"I have been a customer since 2006 and I find my back pain greatly reduced, my sleeping has improved a lot, while the other remedies are also quite effective. Thank You ...I am a great fan of your products. Mae Lee"
Mae Lee, Singapore, Singapore

"I have ordered Great Night Sleep before and it has worked very well."
Paul Kazakis, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Oyatoki Okunwale, Greensboro, NC

"Great Night Sleep works great for me everytime!"
Marilyn Radford, Montverde, FL

"Very effective in getting us to sleep and not waking up groggy."
Carol Kennedy, Sammamish, WA

"Great Night Sleep works great."
Jim Rogers, Anadarko, OK

"Excellent value for the money - and it works much better than anything else I have used."
Ibrahim Siddiq, Durham, NC

"Great Night Sleep has been a wonderful way to enjoy a peaceful night sleep and wake up refreshed."
May Mortensen, Bountiful, UT

"I have used great night sleep remedy. Works amazingly well for me. It never fails. I love it!"
Michael Blais, Madison, CT

Kimlyn Marshall, Gales Ferry, CT

"Great Night Sleep, which I recommend to EVERYONE, helped to put my life back in order."
Debra Meydag, Wallingford, CT

"After years of sleep my doctor put me on prescription sleep medication. I slept great at night, but all day long I was groggy. After changing medication three different times I stopped using it and decided to try alternative approaches and that is when I found Great Night Sleep. I started with one, then the next night two and the next night three. After about a week I was sleeping so well that I backed down to one a night and sleeping for seven hour stretches at a time. It is nice to wake up and be able to lead a productive day."
Mary Scandura, Bakersfield, CA

"I have used your great sleep remedies and continue to order consistently which speaks for itself. WOW!"
Karen Pierce, Henrietta, Texas

"I sleep better then I ever have."
Pamela Perkins, Manhattan Beach, CA

"I have used most of your products including Great Night Sleep and they are truly great. Ultimate Calm and Happy Happy are marvelous. Thanks for making these wonderful products and selling them at a very reasonable price."
Marie Audy, Alberta, Canada

"I used Great Nights Sleep and it worked GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!"
Stacy Phillips, Vero Beach, FL

"Great Nights Sleep was extremely helpful so I am reordering today."
Duncan McNeill, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

"I am a returning client. I love this product. Thank you."
Theodoros Pavlidis, Miami, FL

"I sometimes have an overactive mind, and getting to fall asleep can be a struggle. Great Night Sleep takes the edge off my thoughts and helps me drop off to sleep."
Cecile Hertz, West Midlands, UK


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Total Tendonitis Relief
Total Tendonitis Relief®
Premium Pain Remedy

Total Tendonitis Relief® Premium Pain Remedy

“I have had Tendonitis for years and this is the only product that has releived the pain. Thank You!""
Pauline Bowman, Roseville, CA

“I am so impressed with Total Tendonitis Relief, which has done more for my arm in a few days than the prescription anti-inflatory has done in a month"
Carol Hughes, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

“This tendonitis product which I started using in January of 2006 has done wonders for me. The tendonitis which had bothering me for years in my left elbow is gone. Up until I started to use this product I had tried everything from therapy treatments to a cortisone injection. The tendonitis always came back....NOT NOW! Thank you so much total tendonitis!"
Rod Smith, DuBois, PA
“I have been using this product since January. The reason I continue to use this product is very simple...IT WORKS...just as you said it would. For a guy who plays golf 5-6 days a week and does all kinds of yard work...I am truly amazed that my elbow tendonitis is gone and shows not even the slightest sign of returning. I have recommended it to many of my friends who have tendonitis problems. Yours truly, a very happy 60 year old golfer!!!!” ALSO ROD SMITH

“Have been using this for many years and have found it most helpful in building new tissue when I had knee problems"
Eileen McCormack, Carshalton, Surrey

“My sixteen year old daughter has been an athlete for half her young life so far, and has achieved national success in a variety of sports, from track and field to ju-jitsu. She is now persuing a career in boxing, and is an olympic hopeful for 2010. Tendonitis has been a part of her life for two years now, despite physiotherapy. I bought this amazing tendonitis relief product from you last month as a last resort and the benefits are astounding. As a stand alone product its great, but used with physiotherapy it looks like her troubles with tendonitis are finally over. I must state that this product has removed her pain symptoms and allowed her physiotherapist to deal with the underlying fault, meanwhile allowing her to train and actually improve he fitness levels ! Many thanks from a totally desperate sceptic, her father. Steve Crosby"
Steven Crosby, Warrington, Cheshire, UK

“My husband and I both use the Tendonitis Relief and Weight Loss Elite pills and find them to be excellent products. We checked with our doctor, and he saw no problem in our using them"
Lauralee P. Giles, Covington, VA

“Tendonitis Relief has helped the soreness in my hand tremendously"
Margo A. Sommerfeld, San Diego, CA

“I saw a specialist with my arms and hands who twice injected them and gave me prescriptions (those causing liver problems) with the next alternative being surgery. Thank the good Lord for leading me to find your website. After taking the Total Tendonitis Relief for maybe 2 weeks, my relief was GREAT!! I have since cut back to a maintenance dose which is working for me"
Donna Weems, Florence, MS

“My twin sons are both musicians in Boise. One plays lead guitar and one plays drums. They both developed wrist tendonitis in March of this year. A doctor put them on Relafin and then naproxin. They developed an allergy to these medications and the pain never really went away even though they quit playing completely. They have been taking your pills for about 2 weeks now. The itching is totally gone and their wrists feel good. They are back to playing gigs! Thank you"
Daniel Burkholder, Boise, ID

“This is inform you that your product is outstanding. For the past week I've been pain free. Let me tell you my story. Since I remember I always had pain. When I was five years old, at school, another student pushed me, I fell from about four or five feet down and hurt my neck and low back. Since then I always had head aches and low back pain. Because of the use of pain killers my kidneys had suffer. Now I am fifty four years old, and suffer from osteoarthritis in its beginning stages. Along the years, also had a few car accidents to make things worse. I became a massage therapist and a distributor for a natural product company. I've tried lots of product, natural, over the counter, and prescribed, but nothing has worked, until now. I have my husband using your product, and he is feeling the difference. He stopped the non steroid inflammation medicine he was taking, and is feeling better. Then I gave his sister one bottle of your product. Three days later she called me and said she has no pain on her sore hand. Wow, this is great. I love it. Sincerely, Eneida Betancourt"
Eneida Betancourt, Phoenix, AZ

”I have a success story. Here are the details: Since January, I have been having Achilles heel tendon problems where the insertion of the tendon to the heel bone was starting to pull away and causing a lot of pain. This problem has been very slow to heal and takes several weeks each time I injure it. Any running, even short distances across a street, would bring on the pain. In February, I tried a normal dosage of Total Tendonitis Relief and it seemed to help just a little and the pain reduced in about a week to where I could walk normally. I exercise at the gym on elliptical trainers regularly and I could feel the problem was still there and just waiting for me to try running on it again. After giving it 3 months of no running and no injury, I decided to play some softball with my girls and sure enough I flared up the old problem again and could hardly walk the next day. I ordered the Total Tendonitis Relief and decided to double the dosage this time. I am 6 foot 4 inches and weigh 260 pounds and I have never found the normal dosage to work well for me on any other drug and that is why I decided to double the recommended dosage of Total Tendonitis Relief. In just 3 days my heel is pain free and that is remarkable! I plan to keep up with taking all the tablets I ordered from you in hopes that the heel will heal 100%. Thanks for your help"
Doug Mullem, Huntington Beach, CA

“Mother ordered some for me a while back for pain I was having in my wrist. Dequerveins is what I was diagnosed as having. I took for a couple of weeks and it helped. Saved me from having surgery"
Adam J. Smith, Kathleen, GA

“I love this product! It really works, with almost instant results"
Nancy S. Walker, Mandeville, LA

“Total tendonitis relief helped me very much.I feel better, and I am always thankful for finding this wonderful remedy"
Maria Surdu, Beaverton, OR

“I was really surprised that it actually worked for me, I was going on a golf vacation and bought the relief just 2 weeks before the trip, it started to feel alot better and I had a great golf trip I actually played the best ever , I usually don't believe on line redemies but if your suffering give it a try I can't believe it"
Fran B., Oak Lawn, IL

“Product was awesome helped me a lot"
Shane Warwick, Boca Raton, FL

“Your tendonitis remedy is very need for ibuprofin, no side effects, badly damaged tendon is improving rapidly. Thank you"
Terri Cabell, Ventura, CA

“I have ordered this product before and my husband has experienced good results with it for his carpel tunnel syndrome. He can now sleep at nights, pain free and he doesn't have the side effects of prescription medicine. Thanks for a great product!"
Mildred Ola King, Lawton, OK

“THANK you. Tendonitis is GONE! I love you guys!"
Jeanne M Wiestling, Minneapolis, MN

“I really am impressed with the relief from your product Total Tendonitis Relief. This is an excellent product and was approved by my doctor as shots in my elbow proved of no value. Thanks"
Lauralee P. Giles, Covington, VA

“My wife and I both take your Tendonitis and it really does give relief. Thanks Earl & Doris Cheek"
Earl Cheek, Moultrie GA

“My partner had a severely scarred upper-arm tendon and after weeks of physiotherapy, including laser therapy; ultra.sound etc, was still in a lot of pain which this product cured almost immediately. I am ordering more to have it available if necessary"
Patricia Anne Kingston, Italy

“I have had a cortisone injection my right shoulder after having five weeks of excruciating pain from calcific tendonitis in two muslces (part of the rotator cuff). I have had pain killers, muscle relaxers and steroid pills to very little benefit. I have been using Total Tendonitis Relief for 10 days and the difference is incredible. I am now re-ordering to make sure I have a ready supply if these tendons inflame again. This stuff really works wonders!!"
Jane Emma Cairns, United Kingdom

“I purchased one bottle to try & it helped me better than I expected. Thanks for a great product!"
Olive Morest, North Berwick ME

“I have only taken it for one month and the achilles heal pain i have had since 2001 is going away and nothing has helped except this"
Francine Chabora, Elmwood Park, NJ

“It has eliminated reoccurring tendonitis in my left arm. Damage was likely due to cholesterol medication"
George Curley, Double Springs, AL

“My daughter is an iceskater who suffers from lace bite, also a form of tendonitis in the front of the ankle. When she takes this product, her pain is basically gone. Sometimes she has a twinge of pain, but that is all. When we are out of the product or she forgets to take it, the pain is unbearable. She is only 10 years old. Thanks so much for this product"
Alison Berkowitz, Peoria, AZ

“Fantastic! Total Tendonitis Relief gave me almost a complete cure in one to two weeks (shoulder). 100% cure in three weeks after almost a year of significant pain, doctors, and physical therapy. Thank you, Dana Bates"
Dana Bates, Silver City, NM

“Relieved ache & pain gradually improving mobility in shoulder, arm and hand - sleep so much better too - great!"
Carol Dann, Padstow, Cornwall, UK

“You have created a YOUNG (nearly Sept 06 ) 80 year old man. I play my beloved sport Table Tennis now twice a week, 2 to 3 hour session. The average age in the club is between 40 and 60 years old. Thanks for your excellent service"
Martin C. Louwers, UK

“The tendonitis in my knee has improved to the point that I don't have to wear a knee support"
Claire Aubuchon, Ballwin, MO

“I am using Total Tendonitis Relief. My wrist had been giving me a lot pain for a two years. I was put on prescription medication but did not get relief from the pain. I stumbled up on this website and read about Total Tendonitis Relief. I ordered it and I am very grateful for being guided to the site. I have had relief for over six months now and shared it with my sister and niece who are now customers. Thank you so much"
Frances McCullough, Jacksonville, FL

“I have tried the Tendonitis Relief with wonderful results. I had been to a specialist and had steroid shots two different times in the last 6 months. The last time, I was told that surgery would be the next step. Since beginning this product, I am totally free of that pain"
Donna Weems, Florence, MS

“I am very satisfied with your product total tendonitis relief! Wow!!"
Irene Bisiachi, Milan, Italy


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Super Sciatica Relief
Super Sciatica Relief®
Premium Pain Remedy

Super Sciatica Relief® Premium Pain Remedy

“I feel much better. Thank you.”
V. Dean Gill, Blossom TX

“It truly does work. They make a big difference.”
Elizabeth Anne Gilchrist, UK

“Getting out of bed in the morning is 90% easier. Normally it would take 30min to an hour before I felt mobile. Now it only takes a minute or so. Thanks for super sciatica relief! It’s wonderful”
Paula Pierce, Marrero, LA

“I have been taking Super Sciatica Relief for a month now and it has greatly reduced my sciatica. I am now much more mobile and able to do things that I would not have attempted a month ago. Thanks”
Allan Wehl, Highfields, Queensland, Australia

“The super sciatica relief is great. Works like you said. Thought we would try the tendonitis relief to see if it works as well and it also is great. Thanks so much”
Brenda A. Linnell, Easthampton, MA

“I'm using the Super Sciatica Relief and have been for about 3 months. It's the greatest thing I have found for stopping the severe pain in my back and leg! I had 2 rounds of steroid epidurals and even that didn't stop me from suffering. Super Sciatica Relief is truly a miracle in a bottle. I love this stuff!!!!!!”
Bonnie Jacobson, Rochester, NY

“I got relief from a sciatica nerve in my right leg using your sciatica relief product.”
Joel Wasti, Oro Valley, AZ

Super Sciatica Relief Is A Wonderful Alternative To Prescription Medicine.

"I have used Super Sciatica Relief for 4 to 5 years now with excellent results.  No more pain or discomfort, pretty good for a 72 year old y'know."
Wally Starz, Sioux Falls, SD

"Super Sciatica Relief has allowed me to resume daily activities now that I can walk and stand in comfort."
Phillis Highsmith, Alpharetta, GA

"It is so nice to wake up in the morning and not be stiff. I cook more now and work out in my yard even. It's incredible!"
Judith S., New South Wales, Australia

"Before using Super Sciatica my time behind the wheel of a car was limited to about 20 minutes before the pain was so bad I had to stop. Last Saturday I took about a 5 hour round trip in the car and was actually able to get out of the car with no PAIN!!!! Thank You Very Much! I Love It."
David Burroughs, Veneta, OR

"I take the sciatica relief for spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis and it has kept my pharmaceutical meds to a very minimum use. Thanks for the natural extra relief."
James Carey, Liberty, MO

"My wife has been using the Super Sciatica Relief and has found it to help. She is able to use less over the counter meds. This is about the only thing that has helped her achieve some relief so thanks!"
Richard Rutherford, Tupelo, MS

"I had 2 herniated discs L1 & S1. I use this product everyday with no problems. I have no more sciatic pain. Works for me."
Robert Krupa, Wellington, FL

"I have used this every day and this is the best thing that has ever given me relief. Thank you so much for asking. sincerely Margaret"
Margaret Spaulding, Erie, PA

"Less pain! Much more mobility."
Cornie Martens, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

"I have ordered before and am very pleased so I am reordering. Please ship this as soon as possible. Thank You, Carolyn Lewis"
Carolyn Lewis, Panama City, FL

"Its the only thing that has helped me. Have given it to my friend that I work with & I know she has ordered it as it has helped her too."
Gail Kugelman, Annandale, NJ

"It really did help the sciatic nerve soreness. I had soreness in my buttock and down the front of my leg. I really wasn't expecting much from this product, but it does work."
Susanna Harris, Centerville, OH

"I have used super sciatica relief with really excellent results- many of my relatives and friends are constantly 'borrowing' this product from me with equally great results."
James Costello, Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK

"I had lower back pain for most of the summer and had tried various remedies for relief. Nothing worked until I used the super sciatica relief capsules and I haven't had a problem since."
Henry Hanson, Lake Wales, FL

“I was almost unable to walk at times it was so bad. The pain was horrible! With your sciatica pills, it's like I never had any thing wrong at all! I'm like a new woman! I have been completely pain free since about 2 weeks after I started taking it! It works much better than the steroid epidurals that I was getting before! I recomend your 'miracle pills' to everyone I know that has sciatic pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”
Pat Pender, Jacksboro, TX

"It really does what it says. I can happily say I'm pain free.!"
John Chu, Las Vegas, NV

"I hurt my back years ago in a fall and I've lived with back pain to this day. The Sciatic relief I feel now is truly a blessing. It is so nice to wake up in the morning and not be stiff with a lot of pain. I cook more now and work out in my yard even!"
Judith S., New South Wales, Australia

“I bought Sciatica relief tablets and was painfree after just three days, suffered for 9 weeks prior to taking it. Regards Bill Bryce”
Bill Bryce, Falkirk, UK

“I had a very severe case of sciatica that actually took my life away from me. I could not sit, stand, walk or sleep with a constant persistence of pain. I ordered Super Sciatica Relief and I am definitely a walking testimony of success and lives virtually pain free. Prior to a month ago, I had never heard of sciatica but sense having to deal with the ailment, I believe that I am no longer a novice of the subject. I went to my doctor several times along with a specialist and neither provided me with any relief. I can remember vividly, approximately 3:00am, when I was in such pain that I could not sleep and was willing to give anything to escape the pain. Since I could not sleep, I went on line, not being computer savvy, just have one to enable me to stay constant with the 21st century, I typed in the word sciatica and found Super Sciatica Relief. Thank God for you and your product. I am now a walking billboard for your product. Just wanted to share this with you. Again, thanks and God bless. I now have my life back.”
Joe Jackson, Jersey City, NJ

“I have ordered the Sciatica and loved it an gave a bottle to my daughter who has worst back problem then me and it has help us both tremendously. I feel it has saved me and her.”
Connie Zurawski, Saint Charles, MO

“I use and love Super Sciatica Relief – it is excellent!”
Barbara J. Makos, Argyle, WI

“I’m always very skeptical, but hooray my sciatica was cured and now I can do gardening again. Amazing............I am putting a bottle on my GP's table asking him to recommend that all his patients with similar debilitating conditions refer to your website. Thank you again!”
Theresa Jablonski, Windsor, NSW, Australia

“I have ordered before because I have been diognosed with sciatica. After starting to use Super Sciatica Relief it was about the forth day that I noticed a real improvement. Plus it happened so subtly that it was like, I was doing things and then realizing I'd done it without pain. WOW! It's almost like it sneaks up on you and say's, 'There, nice huh? Thank you much.”
Michael Terry, Tualatin, OR

“The Super Sciatica Relief has helped my husband immensely! He was told he had a herniated disc, with pain radiating from his back to his thigh, down to his calf. After several chiropractic treatments, an orthopedic doctor said it was time for a spinal injection. But a week after using Super Sciatica Relief, all pain had vanished completely! Thank you so much!”
D Hatton, Fort Wayne, IN

“I am very happy with the results. I am back riding my motorcycle and doing full time work and had no reoccurance. Thanks.”
Emma Harris, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia

“I have ordered this product for my mother and she swears that it has helped her more than anything else she has ever tried so I am ordering more in case she wants it!”
Germaine M. Spera, Pueblo, CO

“Just a quick note to tell you my husbands Sciatica has been relieved. Thank you Jeff.”
Inga Binyon, Gualala CA

“I feel much better. Thank you.”
V. Dean Gill, Blossom TX

“I have recieved your product and it truly does work. They make a big difference. Thank you.”
Elizabeth Anne Gilchrist, UK

“I’m not completely pain free but getting out of bed in the morning is much easier. Normally it would take 30min to an hour before I felt mobile. Now it only takes a minute or so. Thanks for super sciatica relief! It’s wonderful”
Paula Pierce, Marrero, LA

“I have been taking Super Sciatica Relief and I am now much more mobile and able to do things that I would not have attempted a month ago. Thanks”
Allan Wehl, Highfields, Queensland, Australia

“I'm using the Super Sciatica Relief and have been for about 3 months. It's the greatest thing I have found for stopping the severe pain in my back and leg! I had 2 rounds of steroid epidurals and even that didn't stop me from suffering. Super Sciatica Relief is truly a miracle in a bottle. I love this stuff!!!!!!”
Jenny Hines, Jacksboro, TX

“I got relief within the first 15 minutes from a sciatica nerve in my right leg using your sciatica relief product.”
Joel Wasti, Oro Valley, AZ

“The super sciatica relief is great. Works like you said. Thanks so much”
Brenda A. Linnell, Easthampton, MA


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Cure Your Anxiety
Ultimate Anxiety Relief™
Premium Anxiety Remedy

Ultimate Anxiety Relief™ Premium Anxiety Remedy

“I've been using the Ultimate Anxiety Relief and it's been a blessing. Thanks for making such a wonderful product available to us.”
Virginia Carreau, Hooks, TX

“I think Ultimate Anxiety Relief is just wonderful. I only take it when I know I will be under pressure. I would recommend it to anyone and have done so many times.”
Sue Fargher, Hastings, New Zealand

“Excellent product.”
Gunther Brandt, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

“I am using this product to stop smoking and it is helping to calm the feelings of anxiety from nicotine withdrawal.”
Lottie Royall, Hamilton, TX

“I really do feel a big difference when I take Ultimate Anxiety Relief. Not like I need them like an addiction or anything. I don't feel drawn to them or withdrawals when I don't have them. I just feel better, relaxed, centered when I take them. I wish I was able to find that centered balance on my own. But, with UAR - I do feel good and that's what matters."
Jackie-Lynn Brown, Greencastle, IN

“I had previously taken Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and most recently, Effexor. I dealt with the side effects (loss of short term memory, muscle tension, headaches...) because I felt that there wasn't another alternative. I knew I needed the anti-depressants to survive. To make a long story short, I stopped the Effexor because there were too many "bad days" while taking it. I waited 3 days and began "Ultimate Anxiety Relief" (2 in the morning and evening) and I have felt so much better. I almost wept for joy about a week or 10 days after beginning your products, as I had 2 incidences where I had put something down that I had been using, needed it a day or 2 later, and could recall where I had left it. That seems small and even laughable to someone else, but for me, it's been very scary to not be able to recall things that I knew I should be able to. I could go on and on, but won't bore you. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your products.”
Donna Weems, Florence, MS

“Your ultimate anxiety relief medication is wonderful. It has helped me greatly. I thank you very much for being here.”
David Pacetti, St. Augustine, FL

“The product has eased my anxiety a lot. I feel a lot better now. Thanks.”
Neil Dennis, Leven, Fife, UK

“I think it's great.”
Cindy Skrzpek, Mt. Bethel, PA

“I am now able to sleep without taking my regular prescribed tranquilizer that I have taken for 25 years. This has been wonderful. Thank you.”
Jan Bradley, Washington, DC

“This product has made my wife and I sleep better and cope with stress. Thank-you!”
Brian Cosens, Blind Bay, BC, Canada

“I have been using the Ultimate Anxiety Relief for the last several months and am satisfied with the results. I find the product helps me handle stress better and also to focus better.”
Nancy Foerstel, Defiance, MO

”Ultimate anxiety keeps me off Xanax so I'm sold on it.”
Virginia Williams, Lake City, MI

“It really works!”
Wilbert Speights, St. Albans, NY

“I use this product every day. It is the best product I have ever used to control my anxiety and it does not have any side effects.”
David Mittlestadt, Bismark, ND

"Ultimate anx.relief increased mental clarity, definitely less anxiety - just started though and hoping for even more results after a week."
Adrienn Abranko, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

"I used your Ultimate Anxiety Relief earlier this year and found them marvellous. They really helped!"
Mr M J Cassidy, Skelmersale, UK

JUST IN! More Testimonials That Prove Ultimate Anxiety Relief™Premium Anxiety Remedy IS The Solution To Your Problem.

“I am very pleased with the results... I no longer need my prescription medication to handle my anxiety... Thanks for making a wonderful and helpful product..”
Dr. Mike Robbins, Tacoma, WA

“I have ordered before and I love this product. It really works. I only take it when I know I will be in a stressful situation and it always works.”
Kathleen A. King, Agawam, MA

Did You Know?
Ultimate CalmUltimate CalmUltimate Calm
Ultimate Anxiety Relief™ is also known as Ultimate Calm™.

Both contain the exact same formula.
There is absolutely no difference.

“I can honestly say that Ultimate Anxiety Relief has changed my life. Due to many traumas in my life I was in a permanent state of anxiety with panic attacks and getting uptight about the smallest things. I tried every kind of natural product to alleviate this with no effect until I tried Ultimate Anxiety Relief. I now feel so calm and relaxed. Thankyou ever so much for a great product!”
Elizabeth Falconer, Wick, Caithness, UK

“I have been taking your product for 6 months and I can say that I have NOT had an anixety attack. What a great relief! I can't thank you enough.”
Adelaide Corn, Staten Island, NY

“It gives me a calmness within 5 minutes.”
Barbara Heuser, Lee's Summit, MO

“I'm no longer using Celexa for depression and anxiety. I'm using your Ultimate Anxiety Relief. It is so wonderful. Thanks!”
Virginia Carreau, Hooks, TX

"It is amazing i feel like i can tackle anything. It has totally taken away all my anxiousness and made me feel relaxed all day."
Cheryl Minter, West Sussex, Great Britain

"Everyday trials and tribulations no longer stress me out. My anxiety level is near zero. I am more relaxed and sleep better than I have slept in more than a year."
Larry Segrest - Cordova, TN

"I am no longer moody which was big problem for me. I take 2 tabs in the morning and all day I am feeling smooth like Im on a level that is tremendous for me. I am not suffering from anxiety when I take your product. I stay happy and fell great. I will continue to use Ultimate Anxiety."
Vittora Saberi, Surrey, UK

"I began using Ultimate Anxiety Relief tablets on returning from an overseas trip just six weeks ago. I have had a sleeping problem for many many years due mainly to anxiety brought about by worrying. Having just had another overseas trip to New Zealand and taking these tablets during this trip made a huge difference to my wellbeing and made my trip much more enjoyable."
Jim Brown, Burraneer, Australia

"I started taking Ultimate Anxiety Relief three weeks ago and have experienced wonderful results. My nerves are calmer (including my injured cyactic nerve so my balance has also improved), I am able to do fine detail on my artwork which was almost impossible for a long time due to shakiness, I am not tired or drowsy like I was when taking prescription medication, I can deal with problems better, my focus and concentration are much improved and... I haven't had one panic attack. Thanks U.A.R."
Wendell Frauzel, Mahone Bay, Canada

"After being in two car accidents, I suffered anxiety and panic attacks when I was in any car. I had been through therapy and on many different types of medication to try to help me with the stress of being in a car but nothing helped. I couldn't travel outside a "safety zone" I had created. My life had become very limited. Then I discovered Ultimate Anxiety Relief. I'm thrilled to say that I just returned from a trip to Niagara Falls which is outside my "zone" and I no longer have anxiety when stepping into a car! I have even shared the product with my friends and it has made a difference in their lives as well. Thank you to Ultimate Anxiety Relief!!!!!"
Anita Johnson, Burlington, Canada

“Ultimate Anxiety Relief has helped me get off Xanax. I recommend it to everyone.”
Linda Schmidt, Owens Cross Roads, AL

“It always helps me relax.”
Ty Holoway, Rockwall TX

“I suffer with very bad anxiety i had tried every medicine(lexapro,celexa,effexor) on the market, and i was very skeptical. To totally be honest my anxiety was so bad I actually was looking at a way to get xanax off the internet when i found Ultimate Anxiety Relief. The natural cure caught my eye and i had to experiment with it. This product has changed my life completely. I am now able to enjoy doing the things i once did (and the great thing is no side effects! God Bless the people who is responsible for this product! and for u skeptics out there just give it a shot! Its changed my life! any time Ultimate Anxiety Relief ever need a spokesperson or a friendly word of encouragement CALL ME!! Sincerely Wes Stout”
Wes Stout, Athens, OH


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Rick's Amazing Back Pain Remedy
Rick's Amazing Back Pain Remedy™

Rick's Amazing Back Pain Remedy™

"Rick, your amazing back remedy is the best natural product I have ever used. Congratulations on a great product. Sincerely, Peter Gardiner."
Peter Gardiner, Wauchope, NSW, Australia

"I was very skeptical when I ordered your back pain relief but after taking one bottle, my back and neck pain is much much better. I am very excited! I'm ordering more for myself and for my boyfriend. Thanks!"
Ruth B. McGalliard, Burnsville, NC

"I have used your amazing back pain remedy for a week now and have gone off of hydrocodone. I have been on pain relievers for 4 years and the feeling I get with your natural reliever is so much better than the feeling of chemical pain relievers. Thanks!"
Jerry D. Rakes, Minneola, KS, (EMT)

"Hi Rick! Just wanted to send you a note saying your amazing back pain remedy is really AMAZING! It's a wonder capsule. I was on the verge of seeking a spinal operation because of the severe pain and the fact that I could not walk a hundred feet without having to sit down. My two medical doctors offered me no help with a diagnosis of canal stenosis and endplate degeneration. In looking up my problem on the internet I happened on your site and read of your work on back pain. Then, reading some of the messages of those who had been helped with your Rick Shifflet's Amazing Back Pain Remedy, I decided that it was well worth a trial. It may not cure the problem but it has stopped the pain COMPLETELY."
Dudley Bauerlein, Winter Haven, FL

"Rick your product has helped me tremendously!!"
Richard Weinert, Monroe, NY 

"I have experienced steady improvement for the past two weeks and am very grateful."
Gary Skeen, Conway, SC 

"Dear Rick, I received my Amazing back pain relief last Friday. I started taking them that day, one at a time every three or four hours apart. I have been going to a pain clinic for a year and a half, and have been on Percocet 10 this entire time. I so wanted to get off of those prescription medications. I also need Flexeril 10 for occasional muscle spasms in my back and down my arms. I really wanted to see if the herbs were doing the work or if the other medications were helping the herbs along, so I just stopped all prescriptions cold turkey. That was probably a bad idea. I had withdrawals for about 4 days, but after that, I started just feeling better and better each day. I can honestly say, I haven't had any pain at all. It is AMAZING! My sciatic nerve is pinched with arthritis growing in my spine, bulging and deteriorating discs, I had surgery in 1998, when the arthritis grew so high on L4 that L5 ruptured. The surgery served me well until 1 1/2 years ago. I t came on with a vengence. Now, If I stand for more than 10 minutes at a time, both of my feet are numb. But up until now, the back of my left leg throbbed terribly until they went numb. Thank you so much for letting the public know about this. It’s wonderful! Thank you."
Robin Johnston, San Bernadino, CA

"I have been using this product for three years and have been pain free. I will continue to use it as long as I remain pain free."
Kay Evans, Sydney, Australia

"I've used amazing back pain remedy for years as a back relief method after years of sciatica problems. It really works."
Jean Bullman, Sonora, CA

"I've been taking the pills for about a month and they do seem to do better than any prescription anti–inflammatory I've had. Good job Rick."
Ann MacPhail, Pibrac, France

"It cured my back ache."
Penny Swinnerton, Mid Glamorgan, United Kingdom

"The amazing back pain remedy has provided great pain relief for my bulging disc and the resulting pinched nerves."
Jason Thibeault, St. Catharines, Ontario, CA

"I'm ordering once again because it continues to give me significant relief. Big help with back and sciatic pain. It also relieves spondylosis pain for my wife."
Lyle Kenny, Federal Way, WA

"Amazing Back Pain Remedy works very well with no side effects!!"
Cort Clifford, Church Hill, MD

"It saved my life in November 2008 and been using it since with no pain. Avoided major surgery for spinal stenosis because of it. Thank God and Rick."
Raymond Merrill, Whittier, CA

"It stopped my sore back and relieved my bulging disc."
Wendy Hamer, Mt Elza, Victoria, AU

"Ricks Amazing Back Pain Remedy has helped me a lot. I also have suggested it to three other people and they are all happy with it."
Roger Stiles, Bella Vista, AR

"I'm ordering again for my sister. She loves it. It helps her when nothing else will!! Thanks so much!!"
Lori Hopkins, Asheboro, NC

"It is a great product."
Stan Kaufman, Milliken, CO

"My testimonial is I get a significant improvement using your amazing back pain remedy. I would not be without it!! It works for me!!"
Brenda Reddick, Westbank, British Columbia, CA

"My spondylosis with arthritis and ruptured disc pain is no where near where it was before I started using this."
Mark Kurtz, Magnolia, TX

"Rick your amazing back pain remedy is VERY helpful. Just as the name says it's AMAZING and I'm PAIN FREE. Can't thank you enough."
Fiorence Budu, Edgware, Middlesex, UK

"I no longer have the pain I used to have...even after sitting for awhile. Thank you Rick!"
Mary Guma, Metairie, LA

"Amazing Back Remedy extremely relieved my lower back and neck pain. This is the only thing that helps my back pain. Thank you very much!!!!!"
John Pawlicki, Atkins, AR

"It has helped so much! Thank you."
Charles Manley, Jackson, TN

"I feel much better. In fact a neighbor of mine is taking the other bottle I received and she is feeling better too. Thank you Rick.Harry Kincade, Greenwood, IN

"I am finishing my first bottles– amazingly my pain has subsided. Thank you."Don Quilici, Benton City, WA 

"This product helped me a lot. It finally allows me to have a good night sleep with no back pain. Thanks Rick!!!"Merle McHardy, Port St. Lucie, FL

"I have received substantial relief from your amazing back pain remedy."
James Witt, Murrysville, PA

"I am buying it for my mother who has spinal stenosis. It is very helpful and she can now sleep at night without pain. She also feels safer with it rather than pain killers like Alcoxia she was taking which can damage her gut."
Patricia Domingo, Long Beach, CA

"Fabulous pain relief!! I cannot live without these tablets!! And several of my friends feel exactly the same!!"
Constance Swanlund, Poulsbo, WA

"I ordered before and we are happy to order again. Thanks, Tomo"
Tomo Kalaba, Cookstown, Ontario, CA

"Your Amazing Back Pain Remedy keeps the pain away. Several other people have taken my advice and ordered this herbal miracle. Thank you."
Raymond Merrill, Whittier, CA

"AMAZING...Don't ever stop making your products."
Bobby Lord, Colmesneil, TX

"It's the best!"
Sandy Wright, Lenore, ID

"My husband could not work if we did not have this wonderful product. No drugs No doctors. We thank God we found this product."
Irma Reese, Troy, NC

"I wouldn't live without it."
Roy Cortopassi, Sacramento, CA

"I had excrutiating pain in one leg and the pain was wearing me down. I'm getting relief now thanks rick."
Carol Williams, Hendersonville, NC

"It relieves my pain greatly."
Helga Sauter, Philadelphia, PA

"This has been very helpful and allows me to go bowling. I'm now very active without pain."
Jim Saul, Indio, CA

"I have no back pain. On the days I overdo it, within a few days the pain is almost non-existent again. Great product!"
Annette Rurka, Ann Arbor, MI

"I have sciatic and have been taking this product and have had the most amazing results. I had severe burning pain traveling down my right leg. I was unable to sleep on my right side for more than 10 seconds before changing to the left. I could not sit in any chair except my computer chair. Even sitting on the couch to watch tv was very uncomfortable. When the first bottle came I took two tablets right away. I took two more before I went to bed. I decided to put this product to the test. I laid on my right side and started to count because normally I wouldn't be able to count past ten the pain would be so bad. After taking your tablets not only did I past ten but I fell asleep on my right side for the first time in as far as I can remember. I was sold and am still without pain!!! I have even shared this product with other friends who suffer from chronic back pain and being a nurse I have given the web site to patients I come in contact with who suffer from sciatica too. I do not want to EVER run out of this product. I have been pain free since I started taking it. Thank you for providing me with the solution to my sciatica pain. Please do not ever take this product off the market. Lee Ann"
Lee Ann Durkin, Powell, OH

"it's better than anything else I've used including Vicodin (mere sugar pills in comparison). I now have 4 less back discs than I was born with and can function without corsets, canes, etc. with your amazing back pain remedy. I'm into my mid-70's and go to work every day! That doesn't mean that I haven't slowed down a bit, but the fact that I can still go is a blessing. Thanks Rick!"
DuWayne Brisendine, Honolulu, HI

"I am ordering again and will continue as long as I remain pain free."
Kay Evans, Sydney, AU

"Cured my back ache."
Penny Swinnerton, Rhondda Cynon, Mid Glamorgan, UK

"I have used It works sooo good for my injured 4&5 herniated disks and my injured neck as well. This is a great suplement. I refuse to use pain killers. Thank you for the help."
Jose Gonzalez, Lake Forest, CA

"I started using the amazing back pain remedy after having been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and sciatic pain, which was disabling at times. I have been pain free since using the product and am now a believer in the benefits of natural products, especially this one."
Phillip Schmidt, Park City, KS

"Hi Rick, I just want to say that the back pain remedy is amazing. I am totally pain free. I was doing pelvic traction at the physical therapist's but your remedy is much better for me. I have been telling everyone about it. Thanks, Tina Buchanan"
Tina Buchanan, Tucson, AZ

"Your formula has helped me a lot and I only take one a day sometimes two. I have started doing Yoga and I am trying to exercise when I can. I have been trying to take daily walks along side going to the gym. But what has helped me the best for my sciatica pain is that formula. I have noticed that it is a lot less painful to stretch now. Thank you for that Back pain remedy. It has worked wonders. Believe me I have tried physical therapy, pain killers, exercise, and yoga. There is something about your stuff that just really works. Thank you"
Sonia Escamilla, Rochester, NY

"Rick, how can I possibly thank you enough for your Amazing Back Pain Remedy? In fact, I love you, so much I could marry you if I were single!!!!! (LOL) I have suffered with sciatic pain since I was a teenager (and I am now 56). I hurt my back originally in my modern dance class at the age of 15, and was laid up for 2 weeks. Then in 1993, I slipped off some steps and fell directly on my tail bone. I feel I looked rather like a "V" as I slipped and began my descent to the dreaded steps. I knew it was coming, and I was right, it HURT! THAT laid me up big time. Then, for the last several weeks, I have had a horrible time with my back because I attempted to do some exercises, nothing major, twists and bends. It really laid me up. I was not able to do anything around the house without excruciating pain, so bad at times I yelled out loud. A few days ago, I vacuumed my floor and had intentions of doing more housework, but could not. I just sat down at my computer desk and cried. (I have no medical insurance, so a doctor was out of the question; besides, I don't like them.) The little voice in my head told me to check out sciatica on the Internet, and that is where I found you! I received the Amazing Back Pain Remedy on Tuesday afternoon, 8/28. I started them the next day, and at this point I have completed 8 full days and I DON'T HURT!!!!!!!! I was skeptical at first because I have tried things that claim to work and don't, but I was also desperate, and your story intrigued me. I was amazed at how FAST it worked! I have a small (and I do mean small) room in my apt that I put a bed in yesterday (Friday). To do this I had to do some major rearranging of furniture (desks, chest of drawers, stereo). I must have rearranged things 3-4 times over a period of two days and the only pain I felt was in my arm muscles from lifting and pulling on heavy things (by my self I might add). I thought I would be incredibly sore this morning, but I'm not! I really don't know how to thank you. I have not even had a twinge in my back since I started taking this, and I am only in my 9th day. I applaud you and your amazing efforts, and for sharing them with the public. I have already told several people I know, and knowing me like they do, they know I am telling the truth. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your friend! Kathy Griggs"
Kathy Griggs, Cleburne, TX

"I bought Ricks amazing back pain remedy for my mother. It has really helped with her stenosis pain and now she is not going to have surgery!!"
Dorothy MacKenzie, Torrington, CT

"Hi, My wife told me of your product about 3 months ago, and she explained to me that the moment she took the pills that her back pain was gone!!! I was very skeptical at first, but then decided to try it after 10 years of sleepless nights and back pains all throughout the day. I am currently serving the U.S. Army (Instructor) and jump out of planes, and numerous other things that require the use of your back, and have been limited on the mobility of my back due to my injuries (both upper and lower back injuries). I decided to take one pill twice a day when my wife wasn't around, because I was jealous that she was free from her back pains, and 10 minutes later, I was pain free, and could sleep throughout the night!!! Your product has changed my life ten fold, and given me the chance to keep on Soldiering!! Thanks Rick and keep up the great work."
Steve Colburn, Fort Polk, LA

"I have ordered before, and I can't imagine being without this product. My lower back pain and the horrible sciatica I was experiencing is gone!"
Jann Dawe, Bloomingdale, IL

"I purchased this product for a very dear friend who has suffered for many years from what has been diagnosed as a bulging disk. He finally decided he would try it when, after having to do some heavy lifting at work for several days in a row, he found himself hardly able to walk or get out of bed for the pain in his lower back due to the extreme aggravation of his long-time back problem. After being home in pain for a couple days, he was finally persuaded to try this product. After only one pill he found more relief than in anything he had ever tried. He was able to move easily and mostly pain free. Thank you so much for this wonderful product and for getting it out and making it available!"
Savitri Nekola, Ruckersville, VA

"The back pain remedy has been terrific. I thought I was at the end of all options before surgery with my recent back/herniated disc episode. This pain was so excruciating and there was nothing that was helping. I came upon this site and thought nothing to lose and was so surprised with how much I gained!! A great find indeed, thank you for your efforts to putting it on the market. I noticed relief within a few days and have been pain free since!!"
Jacqueline Treat, Ilion, NY

"I had terrible sciatica pain and after taking the pills I don't have any pain! Truly amazing stuff."
Jayne Pompey, Oxnard, CA

"Hi Rick,. I am 72 and about to go for a lower back sugery ..but your pills have stopped the surgery and I am feeling much better with no pain at all. Thank you"
Madero Ocampo, Long Beach, CA

"Rick your amazing back pain remedy is amazing!"
David Cole, Somerset, MI


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Amazing Restless Legs ReliefAmazing Restless Legs ReliefAmazing Restless Legs Relief

"I find that this is a great product. My husband has severe restless leg problems and it has helped him greatly. An when I am working 11 hours a day it is great to use at the end of the night to help me relax and sleep and know my legs won't hurt us. Thanks!"
Mary Ann Macri, Trucksville, PA

==> Mary Ann sent us more feedback 3 months later <==
"I love the restless leg relief remedy. It has helped both me and my husband sleep better at night."
Mary Ann Macri, Trucksville, PA

"I ordered Amazing Restless Legs Relief. They were great, they helped me to get much needed relief from my restless legs and helped me sleep well at night."
Diane Grimshaw, Manchester, UK

"I no longer have restless legs thanks to your amazing restless legs relief."
Amanda Smith, Tervuren, Belgium

==> Amanda also sent us this email after reordering 3 months later <==
"Having had sleep problems for over 20 years I am now going into a deep sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning, even waking up in the night is no longer a problem, I just naturally fall back asleep."
Amanda Smith, Tervuren, Belgium

"The restless legs product has worked perfectly and I sleep well every night. I also use the Anxiety relief product and feel more relaxed during the day. Thank you."
Elise Connolly, Montgomery Village, MD

==> Elise sent us more feedback a couple of months later <==
"Since using this product , I have not experienced one night of jittery legs. Many thanks."
Elise Connolly, Montgomery Village, MD

Marcie Gruszecki, Sarnia, Ontario, CA

"This is the only remedy that helps with my restless legs as well as my sleep."
Christine Burgess, Melbourne, FL

"It is the only product that allows me to sleep without the restless leg syndrome keeing me up through out the night."
Joanne Schapiro, Navasota, TX

"We initially got it for restless legs, but it is terrific for getting to sleep after a stressful day and week. Quick, gentle, no side effects."
Jason Wang, South Guildford, AU

"Amazing Restless Legs Relief works really well and gives me deep sleep."
Eileen Mandel, Marquette, MI

"I usually fall right asleep and if I wake up to use the bathroom I always fall back asleep right away."
William Keyes, Tucson, AZ

"I primarily use it for my restless legs but it also helps me sleep well throughout the night."
Erica Shiffrin, Olathe, KS

"It relieves my restless legs enough so I'm able to sleep. Thank you."
Sandra D. (last name withheld by request), Victoria, TX

Stacy Novak, Draper, UT

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Xtreme Back And Body
Xtreme Back & Body™

Xtreme Back & Body

“David my husband has a bad back - threats about operations etc - but he watched me take XTREME BACK AND BODY and now I cannot live without it (like my music, my dachshund, my husband and my horses and my garden!) - so he now takes it - and he has no more problems either - we both thank you!”
Tara Fareaux, Tasmania, Australia

“I started taking Xtreme Back And Body in August. Before I sufferered for three months, I literally couldn't walk or stand straight. After a week with Xtreme Back And Body, I noticed a dramatic improvement and after two weeks I was able to go back to work, stand, and walk. It really helped me! Also I shared it with my Mom and she's now feeling better as well!"
Elizabeth Young, Hartford, CT

“This product seems to be the first thing that seems to have helped.”
Tony Coppo, Green Bay, WI

“I got it for my cousin who was suffering terribly. Your product is only thing that helped.”
Ann DeSalvo, Baldwinsville, NY

"I've had excellent results with Xtreme Back And Body. It's amazing! I certainly don't want to run out of these so I'm ordering more!"
Nancy Wright, Hubbard, OH

"I shoveled my driveway yesterday and used it and it worked great. I didn't have any back pain. I'm ordering more today."
Pamela Bratcher, Westland, MI

"I've used the xtreme back and it works superbly. When I wake up in the morning, I don't feel the pain as I used to every time I get up from the bed. Thanks for making something that really works."
Lionel Jones Jr, Lauderhill, FL

"Xtreme Back & Body really works and it is natural. Those two ingredients makes for a happy customer. That's me!"
Pat Jester, East Wenatchee, WA

"I have tried numerous so called remedies, the only one which worked was your xtreme back and body, it is truly a wonderful remedy. After almost 8 months of severe back pain, for which the doctor could do nothing, I decided to try your product. Yes, it worked great. Big thanks!!"
Catherine Wrethman, Dunbartonshire, United Kingdom

“I have used Xtreme Back And Body with great results. I got 4 bottles of Xtreme Back And Body. After two months of taking this product I now am able to work at what ever I choose. I have been taking two to three pills a day. It is the greatest product!”
Robert Adal, Kalisz, Poland

"The Xtreme Back Pain Remedy has really made a big change in how I feel on a daily basis. Thank You."
Philip Jenner, Titusville, FL

"I have ordered Xtreme Back And Body. I can do chores now that I had great difficulty performing before. Great stuff!"
Michelle Worrell, Brooklyn, NY

"I've been using xtreme back and body for lower back pain and I can honestly say it is truly wonderful. It's changed my life."
Nancy Evans, Newbury, OH

"I bought this product for my wife and it has helped get rid of her upper back pain. We are happy."
Richard Evans, Gainesville, GA

"I was skeptical and nervous about ordering but I finally did and it's been great. It is helping with the back pain I have been experiencing. I am feeling better now. I definitely will recommend your product to others."
Pauline Bowerbank, Forest Hill, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

"My partner ordered xtreme back and body for my herniated disk and it seemed to work better than anything I've tried."
Trina Soske, Princeton, MA

"I am so impressed with your xtreme back relief. It is excellent!"
Ann Benton, Murrumba Downs Qld, Queensland

"I love your xtreme back and body. It is helping me. Thank you."
Sherry Coffman, Muldrow, OK

"My husband is using your Xtreme Back And Body. It has worked wonders for him. I have been using them too lately and I have not taken any prescription pain pills since doing so. I have not needed them. Thanks to Xtreme Back And Body I am able to go for walks without the pain making me turn back. It's been a lifesaver."
Barbara Steele, St. Davids, Ontario, Canada

"I have been taking Xtreme Back/Body and now I am walking without pain and walking stick. Great product!"
Judy Vos, Hastings, New Zealand

"Xtreme Back And Body worked very well for me. Thanks."
William Wehmeyer, Warminster, PA

"Xtreme back and body is magic!"
Susan Berger, Mt. Kisco, NY

"I always get great results with xtreme back and body."
Jack Egers, Wellesley, Ontario, Canada

"Your xtreme back and body product is the best!!!"
Vera Krueger, Centennial, CO


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Elite Back & Body Next-Generation™

Elite Back & Body

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Arthritis Relief XTREME™

Arthritis Relief Xtreme

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No More Back Pain™

No More Back Pain

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Super Spinal Stenosis Relief™

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